major setback

I partially ruptured my achilles playing basketball just over 2 weeks ago. I’ve been in a cast the whole time and was SO looking forward to getting it taken off and starting the protocol.

Immediately after the cast came off I had involuntary dorsiflexion and felt a bad pain in my achilles area. When the doctors checked it out I failed the Thompson test and he felt a large gap. The plan is for me to have surgery tomorrow.

I’m pretty depressed about the whole thing. I’m worried that one freak muscle spasm has severely degraded my chances to regain function to the level that I had hoped.

2 Responses to “major setback”

  1. Many partial ruptures in tendons end up complete ruptures in time even after immediate treatment so there would have been a significant chance it would have happened at some time in the future regardless. The good news is that treatment for a partial rupture of the achilles is pretty much the same as a complete so once you have healed you should be back to normal activities with a considerably lessened chance of rupturing that tendon again. It does happen but it is unusual. There are risks involved in the healing process and the worst for most ‘long’ term is in fact that you heal long which will give you less push off strength. Short term risks will be a re-rupture or a wound infection which are more manageable. Aside from that you should be back on the court sometime in the next 12 months give or take but that all could be sooner depending on how your recovery is managed. Time to do some research and reading.

  2. Cameront don’t consider this a setback, be glad you are getting surgery and starting your journey back to full strength.

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