Walking already

Thanks for your insights everyone…

I removed this blog post because upon reflection, I felt as though blogging was not good for my recovery process. I felt that my blog post was getting some (non intentional, i know… ) negativity surrounding my quick rebound. Perhaps my headline was too sensational… I appreciated the calls for carefulness and caution not to underestimate my injury. I never underestimated my injury or my capacity for recovery. Not for one second. That came across as confidence. Well, I heal fast and yes I am very confident when it comes to matters of my own body. For I know my body more deeply than I know anything else. I take good care of it, listen to what it needs, rarely take medications, eat well and lead a life generally free from most toxic substances that the average person encounters daily. So my confidence comes form knowing my body very intimately and knowing the capacity of my own physical prowess. That might sound arrogant but it’s just true. I’m 37 and i’ve stayed active all my life. People mistake me for 23 on a daily basis. It is frustrating that people still think i’m so young at times but it is also liberating in a physical way to be youthful. My youthfulness have given me the capacity to do almost anything athletic that I have tried, like learning to snowboard at 35 years old. I digress…

I’m sorry i removed the post and choose not to share my progress but at the time, after reading some of your replies I came to the conclusion that blogging was not what i needed in my recovery. I meant no disrespect but i wanted to do what was right for me. I didn’t read the entire comments on the blog post until today.

What made me come today?

Well i came because i remember thinking that the proof is always in the pudding when i first read some of the replies to my blog. I knew that recovery was a long process, full recover takes a year but i also knew that it wouldn’t take me an entire year to be back in action. So i decided to just filter out the blogging, to stop comparing myself to others and to concentrate on recovery. I deleted the blog post and decided to come back after the beginning of the ski season. So here I am.

I took my first snowboarding trip on 11/26 - to Killington… just after thanksgiving. It was amazing to be all suited up again and in the lodge. But the pain of the incision in the snowboard boot led me to take only one run top to bottom before deciding to sit out the entire day. This was before i started PT. PT was the following week.

I took my second trip after 3/4 weeks of PT on Christmas- a 3 day trip to Sunday River and i was finally able to hit it and hit it hard each day with increasing flexibility, agility and speed until by the end of the 2nd day i was doing black diamond trails, and pulling off tricks like manuals and 180s . Each day started off at about 10 am - slowly for my usual routine - i had a little pain in the incision during the first 2/3 runs of the morning ( always decreasing in severity as the day went on and each day until nearly no discomfort at the start of the 3rd day). I found solid strength, flexibly and power in the affected leg. After a lil discomfort at the start of the day i was able to ride until 3:45 when the lifts close. I was so elated by the end of the 3rd day and I still am now. Elated to be back at what i love so much- snowboarding!!

Now, i’m not 100% healed but i’m definitely 90% and I am gaining more and more power in my affected leg by the week. Physical therapy and recovery has been fast, efficient and injury free because I was both cautious and ambitious. My initial injury was July 4th. Next week will be January 4th - a full 6 months and i’m snowboarding black diamond trails, hitting jumps, doing manuals and 180s. I love my body~

I hope to post a timeline and blog more about my experience going forward.