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I am on day 5 after my right achilles surgery. I think my recovery is going as planned. I was on oxycodone for about 48 hours for pain. Once I stopped the pain was tolerable lying with my foot elevated but when I stood up to use the bathroom the pain was excruciating. I am also on blood thinners that i inject into my abdomen. I had my surgery done at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore by Dr. Greg Guyton. The surgery took place one week after the date of injury. I was playing basketball in a 3 on 3 tournament and in the last minute of the last game the tendon tore. It felt like someone had stepped on my heel. I was standing still and tried to take off when it happened. My concern now is how long will it take before I can drive normally and walk normally, I realize sports is going to take many months. I am 41 years old.

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  1. Welcome caesar- and sorry you’re here too. Per driving: I was “fortunate” to have done my left, so I was driving once I was into a boot. My guess for a right is that you’re going to have to wait til the boot is off to drive- I’m sure there are some other righties here who can share their experience…

    Per walking: For me walking normally is still not quite there (14 wks) - still a bit of a limp, and once the calf gets tired I find I am still putting too much weight on the heel. I can do a full day on my feet now, albeit with of swelling and some pain at day’s end. I’ve fond biking at this stage (stationary at first - started outdoors at 10 wks) is way easier than walking and a good way to get some kind of cardio/circulation going.

    Good luck!

  2. Caeser, I’m about 4 weeks behind Pablo time-wise, and at least that in recovery. I will use the walking boot still while outside the house. Just easier and safer. Inside, I’m now trying “two shoes” more and more.

    I’m told about 6 months to a year for full recovery, with most gains made in the first 6 months.

    Best w/ it my man.

  3. This topic has come up quite a few times before. Quite a few of us with right side injuries figured out how to drive with our left foot. You will, of course, need a car with an automatic transmission to do so. I started driving (lefty) on about day 10 post surgery.

    My recommendation would be to go try it out in a big open empty parking lot, and see how comfortable you are with it. I didn’t feel any less in control using my left foot, vs. my right. But, I ride motorcycles, have cars which are left and right hand drive, manuals, automatics, etc… so I’m used to operating many different vehicles with different control layouts.

    The other concern that has been brought up is insurance and liability. I didn’t, but It’s probably best/safest to get a doctors note/clearance to drive this way first.

  4. I had my wife drive me everywhere in the first month, until she ran out of gas using my car…Well I had to go get her and I of course used her car…Found I was able to drive in my boot…Not sure about the legality of that :) But I took it slowly, was able to use my upper leg to move my foot from pedal to pedal & on highway stuck to the slow lane and used cruise control. Once I got going was very easy to adapt to…Now that I’m in two shoes driving hasn’t been an Issue, Had to drive to San Jose from Monterey, about and hr each way…tiny bit of soreness but no trouble…Hope that helps, let it heal some then see what works.

  5. I had my right ATR about 7 weeks ago. Last week when I visited the doctor, I asked him when he thought I could drive. He said possibly 2-3 weeks which would put it at week 9-10. Of course getting into 2 shoes is a big part of it. I think that even if I can drive, I’ll probably make a practice of breaking with my left foot. I’m also planning on using the cruise control as much as possible.

  6. Hey guys I get my AT repaired this Friday what can I look forward to?? I’m very active. Man I am nervous that I will never walk right again.

  7. Hi I’m ten weeks post postopp. The first 2 weeks are the worst after a month
    You will start to see progress . I’m walking fairly good I still have limp
    But can get around ok. My surgeon was not much help I’m active and
    Want to play sports again so I don’t accept the career ending outlook
    I can say that I stayed away from painkillers except aspirin and pain WS not that bad. Good luck stay positive

  8. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!!! My son will be 2 weeks post-op this Friday and we do have a few words of wisdom. My son had a nerve block in addition to anesthesia. Tip number one: start taking what ever narcotics the surgeon prescribes immediately!!!! Don’t be fooled by not having pain! When the block wears off, any extra pain meds in your system will help. Tip number two: if in pain and unable to get comfortable, lie on your stomach woth leg elevated on at least 4 pillows. This position alleviates pain on achilles site and the elevation helps, too. Tip number three: don’t over- do. Your body needs time to heal, especially if you are of the more acitve sort. My son is a state champion track and cross country runner so being laid up is difficult…for all of us!! Remembering that it takes time to heal may open up other interests you forgot you had. Now is a great time to revisit non- athletic pursuits…reading, visiting with loved ones, sitting outside and enjoying the beauty around you. If nothing else, uninterrupted computer or TV time couldn’t hurt for the first couple of days. Tip number four: remeber, that even during the darkest hours, be they during the day or night, you are already on the road to recovery! Every minute spent is one minute closer to doing what you want when you’re healed. Best of luck, keep your chin up! ( By the way, my son is 18 and a graduating senior, albeit on crutches).

  9. Hello all,
    I am 3 1/2 weeks post op. and can’t wait to be walking. It has been a very long year for me, and most of it spent in a wheelchair from a Motorcycle accident last March. Just as I was starting to walk pretty well I had issues with my Achilles, and had to operate on that along with amputation of big toe and second toe.. Pain meds have been a great help, don’t let it wear off because it is so much harder to get back under control And the block was amazing for the first day.i am excited that I have been able to take a few steps today without the crutches!!! Yes the boot is so heavy and ugly, but a friend of mine brought some really cool colored duct tape over and gave my boot some pizazz.

    Wishing everyone a quick recovery..

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