Six Months On……

It is now six months since my tendon ruptured.
I was treated conservatively in various casts for 10 weeks then a heel raise on one of my shoes which i had to wear whenever i had my weight on my foot for a further four weeks.
I am happy to say my tendon seems to have healed [...]

On the Mend

Today i had another appointment at the hospital and they said they were pleased with my progress and that i was now finished at the hospital and in the hands of the Physiotherapist.
That has now been 14 weeks of treatment, 10 weeks in various casts with my foot at different angles and 4 weeks with [...]

First Physio Session

I had my first physio session yesterday and everything went well.
The Physio tested my leg muscles and the motion of my foot and seemed pleased. My ankle is a little stiff and she has given me some exercises, one is pulling back gently with a towel and I’m quite pleased with the progress, when i [...]

My Leg Is Free

I was at the hospital today to get rid of my Aircast after ten long weeks.
I had taken a shoe in two weeks ago and they put a heel on it, i honestly thought i would get a wedge inside my shoe but no, it has a sort of Cuban heel stuck onto it which [...]

Removing the Heel Wedges

Today i had another appointment at the hospital.    
The consultant had me kneel on a chair where she examined the tendon and performed the Thompson Test and was very pleased that the gap (as was i) was no longer there.
I had three heel wedges in my Aircast and she said it was now time to get my foot to [...]

Another Small Step

Today i have plucked up the courage to fully bear my weight on my injured tendon thanks to the Aircast.
When i got it last week i was told i could bear my weight on it but i was very nervous about doing so, the fact i could actually feel my tendon stretch a little when i [...]

In My Aircast

I am just home from my second hospital appointment and I’m now fitted with an Aircast.
I am flying on holiday in a few weeks and when i ruptured my tendon (just over four weeks ago) i asked if i would have problems with wearing a cast, no they said we will give you an Aircast [...]

Starting The Road to Recovery

I am 38 yrs old, fairly fit and was in a gym class when i stepped back and to the side then pop, i knew i had done some serious damage. I had very little pain and it honestly felt like my foot had gone through a hole in the wooden floor until i looked round [...]