Six Months On……

It is now six months since my tendon ruptured.
I was treated conservatively in various casts for 10 weeks then a heel raise on one of my shoes which i had to wear whenever i had my weight on my foot for a further four weeks.
I am happy to say my tendon seems to have healed ok, a bit thicker than my good tendon and still keeping my fingers crossed and being careful but it feels ok.
I am getting physiotherapy mainly focusing on single heels raises, my calf muscle was not as bad as i thought it would be after being in a cast but they are still not identical and it’s still weaker than my good leg. I can get a few single heels raises from it, not as good as my good leg but it is slowly coming.
I have been doing a lot of walking to try to build it up naturally and regularly do around 8 Km (5 Miles) with some hill walking too.
The only problem i have is in the morning my tendon can be a little stiff, the same if i sit for a while but a stretch and a few twists of the ankle and it eases off.
The Physiotherapist has had me doing some light jogging on the treadmill and had me on one of those small trampolines, i was a little hesitant to be honest but apparently there is a higher rate of the dreaded re******* (i don’t even want to write that word) in the three months after the cast is removed so i gave it a go, jogging lightly for about a minute at a time but still being very careful.
The NHS in the UK sometimes takes a bit criticism but i was lucky and received good treatment and would like to thank everyone at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh who helped with my treatment, especially Jake and Toby.
There is a lot of questions asking which is the best treatment for an ATR. The only experience i have had is of course the conservative way which seems to have been ok for me, the only thing i will say is my leg was in a cast within 4 hours of my rupture and that may have helped greatly.

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  1. I get the morning stiffness also. But it seems to gradually fade every week. Try using a massager if you’ve got one. That helps alot.

  2. Hi Cactus,
    So glad all is going well for you.
    It was on yours and Annie’s advice that I sought my second opinion so quickly after NHS A&E misdiagnosed me - thank you both so much - recovery is long enough without any lengthy delays.
    It’s also good to hear the NHS don’t always get it wrong!

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