On the Mend

Today i had another appointment at the hospital and they said they were pleased with my progress and that i was now finished at the hospital and in the hands of the Physiotherapist.
That has now been 14 weeks of treatment, 10 weeks in various casts with my foot at different angles and 4 weeks with a heel raise on my shoe.
I have been cleared for swimming and the Doctor even said i could have a go at the Cross Trainer as there is no impact on my foot.
Physiotherapy is going well, i have various exercises to do three times a day to stretch my tendon and to put some more strength into the calf muscle but from the front they look more or less the same size so I’m happy with that.

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  1. Cactus, you’re lucky! My calves seriously look like they belong to two different people. My PT says that the muscle is there and all we need to do is get it back in shape. I look at her and think she’s crazy.

  2. Hi Cactus,
    Can I ask how far/well you were able to walk with the boot/heel raises?
    I’ve still got another 8 weeks in casts before I get to that stage, but it’ll be the new term at work by then and my uni course a few weeks later.
    Happy to take it easy for now in the hope I’ll be able to return to normal then.

  3. I concur with trisportgirl - the atrophy of the calf is kind of scary. My right leg looks like it belongs to my 5′1″, 105 lb wife and I am 6′ 220 lbs. Looking forward to being able to do calf raises one of these months so I can get my old leg back.

  4. Hi Sam,

    The heel raise i have got is one of my own shoes, i had to take a shoe to the hospital where they fitted a heel.

    At first when i was walking i would feel a pulling sensation on my calf and i would say that’s enough for today but yesterday i walked for 3.5 km with a slight limp.

    The only problem i have is my ankle swells a little so when i get home i just raise it for a while but the Doctor did not seem concerned about this.

    Hope your recovery is coming along fine.

  5. trisportgirl & jberton

    When i got rid of my AirCast my calf muscle was hanging down when i lifted my leg but after four weeks it has improved very much, still a bit to go before they are identical but they are getting there.

  6. Thanks Cactus.
    Well, one step at a time as everyone keeps saying(!). May have to reconsider things when I get to that stage. Used to being able to do a brisk walk everywhere, and would’ve thought nothing of an hour walk from Uni to London Bridge station before this.
    Glad things are going well for you.

  7. Hi guys
    Looks like i’ve got a way to go despite being in a plaster cast for the past 8 weeks. Back to hosp tomorrow so that they can fit a removeable cast which I have been promised as I am going on hols to Portugal on Saturday with the family. I am desperate to put weight on my foot but I know I have to take my time.
    will let you know how I get on, in the meantime I have to hop along to the dentist with my children :-)

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