My Leg Is Free

I was at the hospital today to get rid of my Aircast after ten long weeks.
I had taken a shoe in two weeks ago and they put a heel on it, i honestly thought i would get a wedge inside my shoe but no, it has a sort of Cuban heel stuck onto it which i have to wear for four weeks and not to put my weight on my leg without the shoe on.
I will not get physiotherapy until then as the Doctor said simply they may snap the tendon but i have been told to exercise my ankle, moving my foot back and forward, in a circle motion and even spell out the letters of the alphabet with my foot so i guess that is a sort of physical therapy.
I am walking ok but there is a little bit of swelling after a while but it is not surprising as my ankle has been immobile for ten weeks.
My conservative treatment seems to be going along fine, it’s just a case of taking my time and being patient.

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  1. Hi Cactus

    Good to hear you are out of the boot. Interesting that our treatments are differing now. I was out of the cast ten days ago and told to start physiotherapy. I have had one session with the physio and another tomorrow, will update with my experiences shortly.

    I am also in shoes with a heel stuck on - and am to wear them for six weeks. No-one warned me never to not wear them, so have been pottering around the house without the shoes sometimes - I’ll check what the PT says tomorrow.

    Good luck, continue the progress.

  2. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for that.

    I was a little concerned as i had read your blog and knew you had physio but the Doctor seemed to think there was a danger of them stretching my tendon too much and the dreaded R word occurring. What exercises are you being given and are they stretching your tendon ?

  3. Hi Cactus

    So far I have two sets of exercises. Thie first is simply to get me walking properly, heel to toe. This involves me stepping back and forward on the good leg, while the stationary bad leg rocks from heel to toe. I do that for five mins, four times a day. The second is just to move the foot up and down, which I do whenever I am sat resting with the foot elevated. Nothing too onerous so far. I am pretty comfortable with the physio, he is director of PT at the Hampden Sports Clinic and seems pretty experienced in ATRs.

    I’ve also been swimming twice, nothing too strenuous.

  4. Simon,

    Do you do the exercises with your heeled shoe on ??

    Thanks for the info mate.


  5. Hi Cactus

    Yes, I keep the shoes on for the exercises, just every now and again move around the house without them on, but will stop even that after your post until I check what the physio says tomorrow.

  6. Thanks again Simon,

    I’ve been trying your exercises and they seem very simple but effective just to get your foot moving properly again.

    As i said before i was given some exercises to do but i think to Doctor didn’t want me to go to physio because they will probably want to stretch my tendon and i can imagine them pushing my foot back as far as it will go which at the moment will not be a great idea.

    let me know what your physio says about wearing the shoe around the house, will be interesting to find out.

    Are you getting private physio or is it still NHS ?

    Cheers again.

  7. Hi Cactus

    I spoke to the physio about wearing the shoe around the house - he says it is better to do so during these early weeks and even if not ‘the shoe’ then any shoe with a heel is better than barefoot, or flip flops.

    I’m going with a private physio. The first NHS appointment I could get was almost a month from when I tried to get seen. I’m paying £35 per session, but expecting my BUPA cover to reimburse me.


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