Removing the Heel Wedges

Today i had another appointment at the hospital.    
The consultant had me kneel on a chair where she examined the tendon and performed the Thompson Test and was very pleased that the gap (as was i) was no longer there.
I had three heel wedges in my Aircast and she said it was now time to get my foot to a natural position, she pushed my foot back slightly to see how far the tendon would comfortably stretch, she then had me take one wedge out and put my weight on it to see how it felt which felt fine, then another to which i felt a slight stretch so she told be to keep one wedge in the Aircast for a few days then take the last one out which we agreed would be on Friday in five days time.
I also had to take a shoe to be fitted with a wedge, this will have to be worn for a few weeks after the Aircast is removed.
Everything seems to be going good just now and I’m praying it will continue.

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