Another Small Step

Today i have plucked up the courage to fully bear my weight on my injured tendon thanks to the Aircast.
When i got it last week i was told i could bear my weight on it but i was very nervous about doing so, the fact i could actually feel my tendon stretch a little when i put in on had a lot to do with it but i also didn’t want to rush things but with gaining more confidence and the help from people on this website i plucked up the courage.
I have only been hobbling around the house without the crutches but the difference is amazing. Just being able to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea and just generally moving around the house is great but i am not going to push it and take one step at a time if you pardon the pun.
Another great thing about the Aircast is you can take it off, you have to really, everyone with an Aircast will know what i mean but you have to change the sock.
It also meant i could wash my bad leg for the first time in over four weeks and the warm water in the bath felt amazing but i cannot stress strongly enough to be VERY VERY careful.
I get help from my Wife and have a chair right next to the bath to help me in and out.
The weight bearing aspect has some great advantages i feel, not just moving about but my thigh muscles are being used and with my tendon being stretched that little bit onto the three heel wedges i am hoping this will aid my recovery when i get the Aircast off.

One Response to “Another Small Step”

  1. Hi cactus,

    Good to hear your now at the hobbling stage…i go to 2 widgets on Monday can’t wait, every week is another les widget…now known as widget Monday….sad but you have to get your motivation from somewhere.

    Keep up the hobbling…..

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