In My Aircast

I am just home from my second hospital appointment and I’m now fitted with an Aircast.
I am flying on holiday in a few weeks and when i ruptured my tendon (just over four weeks ago) i asked if i would have problems with wearing a cast, no they said we will give you an Aircast as you can release the pressure in them if my leg swells up on the plane, which was great.
Now, here is the strange thing. When i went to the hospital the guy who puts the casts on said i would be getting another plaster with my foot at a slightly different angle, again non weight bearing. I reminded him i was to get an Aircast and he said oh yes that’s right you are going on holiday so he made a call and within a few minutes a guy brought down my Aircast ready to be fitted. I asked again if i would be non weight bearing to which he replied no, this is Aircast walker and you can put your full weight on it. I couldn’t believe it, i have read stories on the net about new methods of doing the conservative route and trying to get weight bearing as soon as possible and really couldn’t believe that with a plaster cast i was non weight bearing but with an Aircast i was full weight bearing. I asked another two people including the consultant and he said it was fine.
I am a little nervous about putting my full weight on my foot so soon so i have declared myself partial weight bearing until i get more confidence but i feel great, i have three wedges in the heel which i must keep in for another four weeks. I know it is very early with my Aircast but i would urge anyone to enquire about an Aircast after their first cast. The feeling of putting your bad leg in front of you and not dragging it behind you when you are walking even though i am still using my crutches at the moment is amazing and hopefully my calf muscle will get exercise too. Even if you have to tell a small porky about flying i would recommend asking about it, it is slightly heavier and bulky but it is the weight bearing aspect that i am finding a Godsend.
I again asked the consultant (a different one from the last one) about surgery and the conservative route and he said surgery will get you back playing sports quicker but after a year which is the time everyone seems to recognise will take for the tendon to fully heal, it makes no difference. i did mention the American way of surgery and he said surgeons make money from doing surgery, his words.
Special mention to our good friends Arch & Julie, hope you and the kids are having a great holiday.

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  1. hi

    ruptured mine nearly 5 weeks ago and being treated conservatively. I have just been put in another cast which infuriated me after arguing with the consultant.. I also read from numerous sites that early weight bearing in an aircast walker was beneficial to regaining stength and avoiding re-rupture.. i can put full weight on my cast but am walking with a limp due to not being able to bend the ankle.. i am worried about athritis and blood clotting so thinking of going private-need to get the boot and self massage!!

  2. Hi Vern,

    Even though i have the Aircast on my ankle is still rigid and at the moment i am still using my crutches with partial weight bearing.

    You can buy Aircasts if you really had to, here is a website but hopefully you can persuade your consultant to give you one.

    If you have to buy one make sure it has heel wedges.

    Best of luck mate.

  3. hi cactus..

    how many weeks in are you?

    Are you being treated conservatively?

    when did you go into ‘boot’?



  4. cactus… duh!!!

    just read your post above…..

    could you not put weight on it about a week or so in?


  5. Hi Vern,

    I am five weeks to the day post rupture.

    I can put my full weight on my foot with my Aircast on bearing in mind i have three heel wedges in but i have only done this standing still, i haven’t yet got the confidence to walk without crutches yet as i don’t want to rush things.


  6. Hi cactus,

    I am 6weeks 5 days post rupture and had the aircast now nearly 3 weeks. Just about to take my 3rd Widget out (out of 5).

    I generally don’t use the crutches round the house only on long journeys. The boot with the widgets and ankle support will keep ypur tendon safe so try, if you can, and walk a little (or hobble in my case) each day. Your heel may at times feel sore thats when I know its time to put my foot up a while. I also ‘hobble’ around my gym 3 times per week. My theory is that it keeps the thigh musles working and will hopefully aid a quicker and safer recovery.

    If in doubt check with your consultant. Good luck.

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