Starting The Road to Recovery

I am 38 yrs old, fairly fit and was in a gym class when i stepped back and to the side then pop, i knew i had done some serious damage. I had very little pain and it honestly felt like my foot had gone through a hole in the wooden floor until i looked round and it was still there and realised it hadn’t. 

Came home and wife asked if i wanted to go to hospital and i said yes. Into A&E and after a few tests including the Thompson test it was clear i had damaged my Achilles Tendon. Temporary cast was put on until an appointment with the consultant three days later.

Saw the Doctor at the hospital who ran his finger along the tendon looking for the gap and a rupture was diagnosed. I was never offered surgery and when i asked he said 90% of all cases heal without problems so i am now in a full plaster cast with my foot pointed forward.

I have since learnt from a friend who works for a football team in the lower English leagues who said the Physio told her to avoid surgery if possible as it can be very messy with complications, it is different for a footballer as the club wants them back ASAP so i am fairly content with the route i have went down as i was concerned as there seemed to be a bias towards surgery.

Have had this plaster on for two weeks, another two weeks and i have another appointment the hospital where i may get an Aircast with heel wedges. Will see how i get on.

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  1. Interesting to know about your story, but even i agree that physio therapy really work wonders.

  2. Hi Cactus,

    Everyone has different opinions. My Consultant said surgery then 9/10 weeks in plaster no alternative. He did not think that after years of experience that anything other than surgery would be right, yet some clearly prefer not to operate. I also think a lot depends on the gap in the tendon.

    You no doubt know about Valeri Bojinov of Manchester City and Curtis Davis of Aston Villa have both had the operation as opposed to the conservative route. So it really is hard to know what is best. Davis has played quite a few times without showing any injury problems, whilst our Bojinov has been out much longer and has had only a few brief outings, hopefully he will be fit for next season.

    Anyway, good luck with your recovery you will be aware that rest is all important but doing the exercises given by the physio is ultra important.


  3. Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

    I will keep everyone informed of my conservative route progress as most people on here seem to have had surgery but as most people are from the US where surgery seems to be the thing to do it’s not surprising.

    Have a soft spot for the light blues and wish them all the best.

  4. Hi

    Just dropping by to say thanks for the comment on my posting today. It will certainly be interesting to compare treatment approach, given the closeness in injury date and location.

    I work in Edinburgh, commuting by train, with a little over a mile walk at both ends. Needless to say I will have to explore some alternatives when the time comes to go back.

  5. Good luck on your journey mate.

  6. Please keep me/us posted. I too have opted for conventional method and it’s been 3 weeks and I have more ROM and significantly less swelling. ONLY after 3 weeks, I am going to have the MRI done and hopefully, when I consult another ortho doctor, he/she will provide a better insight. My only gripe is I think it would be too late to have the surgery at that point. 3 weeks into my bledsoe boots, is it too soon to see a physio at this point? Anyone?

  7. Hi

    Glad it went well at the hospital and you can now put ALL your weight on it.

    Kids send their love and we hope you have a great holiday.

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