Cast is OFF!

Cast was removed today at my 4 week post-op.  Now PWB.  Heel pain is NOT so bad but WTF is up with the 1,000 needles sticking up from the bottom of this boot?

I was told that I do NOT need to have any PT which sounded a bit odd.  The doctor just gave me some home exercises and stretching to do.  He also told me to gradually bear weight from week to week and within 3 weeks I can try to go to 2 shoes.  I am already at 90 degrees neutral, so I don’t have any wedges in the boot.

I have been doing the exercises and stretching all day.  Plan to go swimming tomorrow (with ankle brace on) in order to start losing the 15 pounds I’ve put on over the last 5 weeks.  Start my new pharmacist job on Tuesday (July 1st) which will be the real test in my recovery.

Good Luck to all and keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. Congrats! Love it. New heel, new diet plan, new job… have lots of opportunity and lots to look forward to.

  2. This is something else that concerns me - so many different lines of treatment - how do you know what is best!? Maybe some of it has to do with your pre-ATR fitness level?

    Anyway, it sounds wonderful! I think my doc is a bit more conservative in his plan which concerns me because of atrophy, but I will continue reading and learning from everyone here.

    Congrats on the ongoing progress!!

  3. Yes- the strange needle sensation when you start bearing weight — priceless! Just go at your own pace, and you will find that one day you will just not need the crutches. For me, that took about a week.

    I see my doc at 11 weeks(3 weeks from now) and I suspect he may not subscribe PT. I am going to ask for it though - I really want to learn about how to gradually strengthen and how to best stretch. In fact, I made an appointment already, so I better get that script!

  4. I have the needle thing too. I asked my PT about it and what she said made so much sense. Not only are we dealing with an achilles injury but also reabilitating the rest of the muscles in your leg and foot. There are more than 20 mucsles in your feet alone! They have to stretch back out and build back up, like our achilles. When I wake up in the a.m., even if I don’t have time to do my exercises and stretching, I at least give my foot a good rub. It makes a huge difference. I have some insurance issues, so I’ve been to 4 PT appts, last one coming up on Monday. My PT is giving me a home care kit. So, i’m going to try to go back to her once every 2 weeks. (Its $150/session out of pocket-yikes!)
    If she gives me anything I haven’t seen that may be useful to everyone else, i’ll be sure to share!


  5. well done bullet. (with a name like yours, no wonder you’re up and at ‘em in four weeks).
    all the best for your new job. take it easy.

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