Cast is OFF!

Cast was removed today at my 4 week post-op.  Now PWB.  Heel pain is NOT so bad but WTF is up with the 1,000 needles sticking up from the bottom of this boot?

I was told that I do NOT need to have any PT which sounded a bit odd.  The doctor just gave me some home exercises and stretching to do.  He also told me to gradually bear weight from week to week and within 3 weeks I can try to go to 2 shoes.  I am already at 90 degrees neutral, so I don’t have any wedges in the boot.

I have been doing the exercises and stretching all day.  Plan to go swimming tomorrow (with ankle brace on) in order to start losing the 15 pounds I’ve put on over the last 5 weeks.  Start my new pharmacist job on Tuesday (July 1st) which will be the real test in my recovery.

Good Luck to all and keep on keepin’ on.

New to Site

This is a great site.  Just learning how to use it.  Don’t know how to upload pics or what a tag is.  I’ve got some good pics.  How do you create a timeline?

Ruptured my Achilles tendon on May 22 playing basketball.  I went up for a lay-up and when I landed…BOOM!  I knew exactly what had happened.  It was one of the loudest sounds I have ever heard.  I thought I had step on the b-ball and it had exploded.  I limped off the floor and drove myself home.  My wife had taken the kids to a baseball game so I waited for her to drive me to the ER.  When the ER doc took off my shoe, everybody in the room knew my achilles was ruptured.  If one more person tells me “don’t you know you’re to old to be playing ball”, well you know.

This has really sucked.  The injury took place on our 15th wedding anniversary and 2 days before leaving for Disney World.  I was to start a new job as a pharmacist in June.  We have to stand on our feet alot.   Any body else’s spouses or significant others about to kill them as well?

Had surgery on the 28th of May.  I was in a surgical splint for 10 days post-op (June 6th) and now in a cast.  I can’t wait to get out of the hard cast (June 26th).  From reading some of the stories, I can see that this is going to be a long recovery process.  Does anyone know of any alternatives to the boot (such as a brace)?

Good luck to all and any advice on healing, PT, and post-op care would be greatly appreciated.