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Nov 12 2015

27 weeks, lessons learned

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More lessons learned!!! I have been stuck in a cycle of overtraining , tendinitis , rest, repeat…….. So I feel great on Monday , think I’m finally in the clear, workout hard, overdue it, my good leg aches and flares up the tendinitis that always seems ready to flare up at any moment, maybe get a second workout in on Tuesday and then end up resting the rest of the week due to the tendinitis flaring. Feel good again on Monday from resting , hit it hard and the cycle repeats…….. So what I have learned is to dial back the volume and add more consistency, i.e…. Workout 4-5 times per week with less volume at each session and slowly add volume back in . Still not running or jumping, I just don’t see the need to try and push the issue, still can’t do a 1 leg calf raise, admittedly I have not been doing my rehab and strengthening exercises as I have mentally checked out of the rehab mindset and have moved back into a sense of normalcy, i.e…..crossfit, golf, boating…….

all issues of tendinitis that I feel are on my good leg, my surgically repaired side feels great!!!!

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