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Oct 11 2015

First golf outing @ 22 weeks

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Played golf yesterday for the first time since injury. Played 18 wonderful pain free holes . I rode in a cart; however, walking up and down the undulations of a golf course was a good workout for the tendon, at the end it was a little sore and fatigued but no swelling or pain. The biggest test so far I would say as far as really torquing on the tendon and pushing off explosively.

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Oct 09 2015

22 weeks

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Quick update as life is oh so close to normal.

Still a tiny limp, still tight in the morning, still hurts if I walk a lot throughout the day. Started back to crossfit 3 weeks ago and began loading the tendon, week by week I have increased the weight on the bar, starting with just the bar (45 LBS), squats and deadlifts only, ┬áno cleans or snatch. This week worked up to 12 reps at 95 LBS on front squats and the range of motion was almost normal at the bottom of the squat. I have not attempted to run or jump as per my doctors orders, that will happen in 2 weeks and honestly I’m in no big rush……… Treadmill and bike are great workouts , walking on treadmill up to 3.5 mph and a 2% incline for 10 minutes. I still perform rehab type exercises 3x per week.

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