Sep 07 2015

Week 17.5 update

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so my goal this week was to loose the annoying limp that has been hanging on by a thread for 2 weeks. After nothing special on my end, I am happy to report the limp is pretty much gone. Bi lateral heel raises are easy; however, I feel like I’m still at least 2 weeks at least away from single leg raise, which is fine with me. I know what I’m about to say might be very contradicting but throughout this injury I have learned were all going to get to the same place in roughly 9 months, ( for the most part) ¬†and what I mean by that is in the beginning I fought like hell to stay in shape and be active and all that I really got was Achilles tendinitis in my good leg , a flared up elbow bursitis issue and other issues from in balance and overuse of underused joints, ie…..shoulder and elbow from crutches for 1 month. I went to PT for 3x per week for up to 2.5 hours per session and although I give a lot of credit to my progress I have also learned that it’s also good and ok to not do anything for a week because the tendon is going to continue healing if you’re at therapy or not and sometimes it’s better to take the time off and just work and live life.

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