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Aug 14 2015

14 weeks, first heel raise, first twinge in tendon

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today was the first time I got smooth even bi-lateral heel lifts unassisted. Today is also the first time I felt a weird twinge in my tendon, I’m not sure what the twinge is from; however, it definetly made me nervous for a few minutes, after ice it seemed to disappear . I’m assuming it’s just from pushing hard, I have been going to therapy 4 times per week, 2 1/2 hours per session . I am a little disappointed that at 14 weeks I’m ¬†getting a twinge………plan on taking it easy all weekend and letting it rest after hitting it hard all week. Other than this little twinge at the end of a long therapy session and long week, I’m still very happy with where I am in the process.

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Aug 08 2015

13 weeks

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the pain in my “good leg” has definitely gotten better and subsided, I’m not sure if it was the 2 shoes transition or the sports message therapist , probably a combination of the two. Since week 12, I really feel like life has returned to pretty close to normal, I know we all heal at different rates but for someone early on in this injury, I would say don’t focus on the 6-9 month full return timeline, look at the 12 week mark to return to a 90% normal day to day existence, this will make the journey not look so daunting. We have also kicked up the PT a notch, I have been going 3 timer per week since week 4. Pushing the limits and working hard in therapy has given me confidence in the repair, which translates to how you act and react in “real life”. ¬†I plan on getting back out on my boat in a week or two, I also plan on dropping PT down to twice a week and at week 20 transitioning back to crossfit ( with obvious limitations) and slowly working back to my previous level of fitness. The only problem I deal with now is swelling in the ankle joint, it’s not painful and generally not a problem ; however, it is starting to interfere with stretching the tendon, the swollen ankle joint has now for the first time taken over as the limiting factor in my ROM instead of the tendon, definetly a good problem to have…..

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