12 weeks post-op today & going for a run

I’ve been off-line for a couple of weeks entertaining visitors from Australia, also taking a trip to Boston and Maine (very fun!).  All things are well in the land of Achilles Heel recovery and I am finally not thinking about my foot all the time.  In fact one afternoon during our trip my hubby asked if I was going to do some PT today.  This was quite a surprise to me as I had not thought about my injury at all during the day, I replied back to him with a ‘oh yeah, I forgot that I have that whole Achilles thing’, a good sign of progress.  There is life after the injury.

So I suggested to my PT yesterday that I was feeling about ready to go for a run.  He thought that was a good idea and said that I was to take it very easy, jog for 50 meters and walk for 50 meters (well he probably said yards but I still think metric) and do that no more than 8 times during your first attempt and then 10, 12, etc and stop if there is any pain.  After that he lay me down on the leg press machine and with some resistance he told me to push back till my knees were only slightly bent and then start running.  I felt kind of silly at the start but after I got into it I was amazed at how I could almost completely run on my toes, only needing to put my heel down slightly.  This was a good sign for me as I’m still struggling to do a single leg calf raise.

The other thing that I asked as about squats and he said that was not a problem if I ‘take it easy’.  Good news as this can mean that I can go back to full participating in body pump.

That is about all from me for now … happy recovering everyone!

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  1. Wow, running after only 12 weeks! I’m over 11 months post-op and still can’t run. Of course I guess since I’m a senior citizen (a kind way of saying old geezer) and havn’t been able to run for years, it’s no big thing.

    Congrats on your speedly recovery.

  2. Great to hear!

  3. Your speedy recovery gives me hope that I may be able to ski on our family ski vacation in 15 weeks!!! How did it feel? I can imagine it is sort of scary to push it.


  4. Reading your post just brought the biggest smile to my face…Since the minute I found out what happened to me the first thing I tried to think of was how long before I’m back to my normal self…I’ve always been active from when I was a tiny youngin to the man I am today in the military…I’ve always had this competitive nature in me and trying to always overcome the odds has always been my thing..But reading your post just made me realize that hopefully I can be as lucky as you but I know not to push it because everyday I look at this anchor on my left leg I tend to remember. I guess now I’m just overly excited about the whole rehab process even though I’m only 1 week post-op but soon enough. What’s even more crazy now that I think of it…I’m in an airborne unit and I get to jump out of planes (or used to) and I had to provide a letter to my unit from the doctor basically stating that I cannot perform in any airborne operations “until further notice”…(that’s what I had asked for)…But instead he gave me a letter that said I cannot perform in any airborne ops for the next 3 months…Mmmm I wondered…Does he know something I don’t know…Maybe it’s not that bad…Hopefully :)

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