Walking 2.5 miles - what an achievement

On one of the few remaining sunny days that we will see in Seattle for the year, my husband and I went for a very slow and flat stroll around Seward Park (2.5 miles).   After about 2 miles I was quite tired and depressed about how much I have lost since my injury… it also didn’t help that he kept reminding me about how this park marks the half way point in the Seattle marathon. 

Hubby was doing his best to remind me of how much of a struggle (if not impossible) the walk would have been 4 weeks ago. 

So now I’m trying to look on the bright side of life … in fact I’m actually looking forward to my next birthday because I keep thinking about how much I will be able to do when I finally get to the celebrations (it’s not till Jan).

Tomorrow it will be 10 weeks since my injury … I’ve managed to head out and enjoy watching my teams play again (the first couple of weeks it was just frustrating and depressing).  I’m still doing PT but have dropped back to only once per week, mainly due to the lack of time, besides apart from the ultra-sound and the electro-stimulation I can pretty much do everything at home in my own time.  My PT has added a couple of new exercises, here are the details for those that are interested:

 - 3×3o seconds standing on the injured leg on a foam mat and trying to find balance

- leg press with a slight calf raise at the end (trying to simulate a jump)

I’m heading back to PT on Tuesday armed with a bunch of questions … basically about what I can do without causing too much damage (i.e. aqua-aerobics, squats, driving range, roller-blading) … and also to ask when I could think about walking up hills (not hiking but just strolling to the shops and back would be nice).

Hope you are all doing well in recovery land!

3 Responses to “Walking 2.5 miles - what an achievement”

  1. Walking 2.5 miles after 10 weeks is good progress. Keep the faith and keep smiling. You are in 2 shoes which has a sense of normality which people stuck in casts and boots would love to be in :) Stick at it. There is light at the end of that tunnel.

  2. Well done!
    I know it feels slow, but you’re getting there. I’m finding it easier to see the improvements if I compare week to week.
    I walked 0.6 miles from train station to Uni on Friday in 20 minutes, used to take 10 max. But a few weeks ago I wouldn’t even have been able to do that.
    Slow but steady progress.
    Know what you mean about hills - there’s a large one at the end of my road en route to the train station which I would’ve thought nothing of a few months ago. How things change!
    Best of luck,

  3. 2.5 miles 9 weeks after surgery - sounds great to me!

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