Behind schedule

After a great swim last night, I was feeling pretty good about my foot this morning until I looked over the notes from my surgeon for week six.


So I’ve still got about 15 degrees to go before  my ROM matches that of my right foot and I’ve been told that I should wait another two weeks before I think about wearing a left shoe. 

Getting frustrated now! 

I’ve been doing a bit of walking in the boot and am keen to get rid of it as is giving me quite a bit of knee and hip pain due to the added leg length in the boot.

3 Responses to “Behind schedule”

  1. Hey, you’re still way ahead of me in the UK - remember this isn’t a sprint.
    Honestly, you’re doing really well and if you can do more than they suggest, they’re just going by averages and playing safe.
    Wish I could do that much already! Keep smiling!

  2. Hope your patience lasts out a bit longer. It is so unlucky that this happened in summer too! Good to hear that swimming is making you feel so good though. I’m also enjoying being in the water now that I’ve gained 15 pregnancy kg.

  3. Thanks people! I was just very grumpy because I missed the Chicago half marathon on Sunday. I had a great sunny weekend of swimming and the exercise bike in our apartment gym is fixed so things are looking up. I even managed to fit in a bit of retail therapy so am over my grumpiness.

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