Driving with ‘the boot’

I saw this in our local paper the other day and thought that I would pass it along given that I have read some discussions about driving in ‘the boot’. 


I’ll update the comments if I hear any more about what action is being taken regarding how ‘the boot’ contributed to the incident.

2 Responses to “Driving with ‘the boot’”

  1. Wow some accident, lucky nobody was seriously hurt. Hope the driver is OK, must have been a terrible shock for her as well as the children.

  2. I really didn’t think that driving with the “boot” was a good idea in the first place. Before I had my surgery, I wore the boot and always took it off prior to getting behind the wheel. The anterior leg muscles helped to press down on the pedal but I made sure that I wasn’t driving fast and gave myself plenty of room to stop. I too hope that no person was injured in the crash that you referred to.

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