Cast number 3 @ 22 days post op

Here is my third and final cast, it is nice to finally see my toes again after they were pointed down for so long.  The surgeon is telling me to bring the boot to my next session and only one more week of couch time before I can start some PT.    No pain, very little swelling but I’m still getting some tingling in the first 2 toes… surgeon tells me that is no cause for concern but added a little more padding to the top of my foot before putting the cast on, we will see if that makes any difference.

I’m still smiling and actually quite proud of how patient I have been through this whole experience.


2 Responses to “Cast number 3 @ 22 days post op”

  1. Hey that looks alot better. I can tell your starting to shape up a bit. Just a little bit longer and you’ll be back walking all over again. Head up, your getting.

  2. It is also the good post this link.

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