Left stiff in the morning

Hello everyone!

Long time no write! Well my achilles and I are doing fine now. Just got back from my honeymoon and i had a great time at my wedding. My leg held up well while I was cutting a rug at my reception. Lol. Question: Does anyone elses achilles feel real stiff first thing in the morning? When i get up i do stretching and leg lifts to get it feeling normal before I hop in the shower. Thoughts?

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  1. Sounds great!

    I’ve heard about that morning stiffness very often here. After my first ATR and surgery (and months of healing), my day always started with a 2-leg heel raise, which would make my recovered ankle “snap”. It still usually does that, 8.5 years later.

    My second-ATR ankle, non-op, doesn’t snap, but it still feels looser and better after it moves around some — not unlike the rest of my (65-yr-old) body!

    After my main PT finished with me this time, at 4-ish months(?), he handed me over to a gym-routine colleague for the rest of rehab. I didn’t stick with it, but she gave me one trick that I still like: before doing heel lifts or other strenuous leg exercises, do some “prancing” to warm up. By “prancing” I mean just walking around with an exaggerated knee lift and an exaggerated ankle plantarflexion, like a horse doing a show walk. It feels like a very nice loosener-up!


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  3. I was having the same problem and I PT told me to rock back and forth on both feet before trying to walk. Helped alot.

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