I did my first calf raise today!!!!

Yep. After much trial and tribulation I finally manage do a calf raise on my repaired foot alone. Yeah, I’m the man.

5 Responses to “I did my first calf raise today!!!!”

  1. Way to go, that is impressive! Don’t stop there though, keep working hard.

  2. But maybe DON’T hurry to “do as many 1-leg heel raises as you can” because that’s what got me in trouble (8 yrs ago, first ATR) and set my rehab back a month.

  3. any pain or side effects?
    how many rises?
    full raise or how high?

  4. I can do about 2. I didnt measure it though. It was about halfway up. I didnt have any side effects. It just felt like the final set from weight lifting if that is an accurate way to describe it. I wanna use the pool for exercises but I hasn’t opened yet.

  5. I never made it into the water during either ATR rehab, but I have no hesitation in echoing the raves and “good vibes” and recommendations for in-water exercise coming from Gunner and the others who’ve done it.

    It sounds like a brilliant way — probably the best way unless you can visit the Moon or Mars! — to do partial-weight exercises, measure your progress in rebuilding strength, and psychologically simulate “normal”, all at the same time.

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