After 3 Sessions of PT…

Well when i first went to PT, the therapist told me that I had a hugh lump of scar tissue. Great. I also found out that I already have excellent range of motion in my ankle. Its a little better than my good one. Whatever that may mean. Unfortunately, my leg is still sooo weak. All the exercises she has me doing is punishing. She also said since my scar tissued is so layered it will take a while for it to break up.

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  1. Greater ROM in your involved ankle just means that the total angle through which you can flex it is greater. Usually the “greater” is all (or mostly) on one side, either greater dorsiflexion or greater plantarflexion. Either way, I think it’s unusual at 11 weeks.

    If it seems that your dorsiflexion is already greater on the involved/healing ankle, I think I’d avoid doing any stretches in that direction. After re-rupture, one of the worst “detours” is having your AT heal up much longer than it used to be.

    One simple test is how far from a wall you can plant your foot flat on the floor, and still (gently!) touch your knee to the wall. Don’t force anything, there aren’t any prizes for “excelling” at this!

  2. Well she explained as in I need better ROM in my good ankle.

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