First Day With Two Shoes!!

Its been rough but I am glad that am finally walking. I start my PT sessions next week. I’m excited and can’t wait for the torture!

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  1. congratulations with this milestone ;-)
    are you completely transferred to shoes?
    or have to use shoes just for exercises / training walks and the rest in boot?

    when I in public area / shopping / at works I use my boot for a while.

  2. I am completely transferred to shoes. I’m wearing sneakers at work because the dress shoes I wore yesterday we killing me.

  3. Sensitive bottom of your foot, or chafing at the back? Esp. at the incision?

  4. I’m on sneakers the whole time, wherever I go, whatever I do. I’ve tried my allstars few weeks ago but killed me. Need cushion underneath and comfort at all times.

  5. Marina, how did the All-Stars “kill” you, just not enough padding underfoot?

    Starting a few wks ago (maybe 16-ish weeks?) I’m wearing all my “old” (normal) shoes when I go out — though I’ve added “foamier” footbeds to them, for extra comfort. I suspect I’d be fine with the old, firmer molded footbeds (Superfeet?), since I’m pretty comfy barefoot now on hard floors.

    When I’m home, I still wear the Crocs, which are super cushy-comfy. I used to wear cheap Chinese “massage sandals” around the house — flip-flops with ~100 rubber “fingers” underfoot. With socks they’re not bad now, and barefoot they’re still a touch uncomfy.

    But Crocs are so cushy, though, I doubt that I’ll switch!

  6. I just felt that it was harder to walk with. I had plenty of support and walk with a less noticeable limp. My dress shoes were rockports and my current sneaker are Jordan True Flights… the same shoe in which i broke myself. lol

  7. I’ve been back into my volleyball shoes once since my ATR. They’re quite old (and irreplaceable, and I love them!), and it’s quite possible that I was wearing them when I tore my FIRST AT, 8 years ago! (I never use them for anything but volleyball — and not for beach volleyball either, obviously!)

  8. you may be surprised…not many of us find that PT is torture. I’d say that most of seem to report a bit of disappointment that PT wasn’t rougher on us.

  9. I think it’s because they are flat and not cushioned. On my airmax my heel is much more supported and comfortable. I didn’t feel any tendon pain, but my foot got really tired underneath on a very very short period of time wearing them. Now, my foot has already started to get used to me standing and running again, so I guess I’ll try them again and see how it goes.
    I’ve read somewhere in here in the past that flip flops may be the most innapropriate shoes to wear regularly and that may cause tendon tear..? How valid is that anyway, because summer is here and I cannot live without my flip-flops..

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