First Few days out of the cast

I had my cast removed on Wednesday and boy it feels good! The cut where the operation happened doesn’t look that pretty yet I hope it heals ok and does not look to scarred. I have no muscle tone in my calf and its about half the size of the other. Its swollen a little bit and i hope the shape of my tendon turns out ok and looks like the other one eventually. I’m just happy that i get to walk albeit in a walking boot.

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  1. The last time I went through this (other foot), the PT said to figure 1 week of rehab for every day off your feet. Yeah - your calf will look like a toothpick befor it’s all said & done.

    Enjoy your new found freedon with the cast off!


  2. Congrats, must feel good to get that freedom back. I have been out of a cast for around 4 and a half weeks now. I couldn’t believe how tiny my calf became either, it was a full 4cm smaller in diameter than the other and it looked ridiculous. But in those 4.5 weeks I’ve gained quite a bit back. It’s still not even close to the size of the good one but it looks much more shapely and healthy than before.
    Also, not to be a major downer, but my personal PT has warned me that I won’t have pretty matching tendons anymore. Basically he said that it won’t become the nice narrow beautiful thing it used to be, that it will probably be thicker and the shape won’t be the quite the same. But who knows, maybe it will be close enough.
    However I was told by he surgeon that the scar should eventually (in a year or two) be next to invisible.Good luck!

  3. It’s hard for me to check now(!), but I’m pretty sure my ATs looked pretty identical after I’d finished healing from my first ATR. That’s a long grind, even longer than the 1-leg heel raise and the return to high-risk sports. I think by maybe 12-18 months, my surgical scar was hard to find and my ATs looked essentially identical — or at least close enough for a straight guy!

    I thought my calf muscles became essentially identical looking, too, but my “good” calf muscle now looks almost as wimpy as my “bad” one, after 18 weeks, so I’m starting to doubt!

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