Got my suit for the engagement photos

Today I managed to do some errands. I picked up my suit from the cleaners and got my disability placards for driving. My fiance and I have decided (she decided) to do vintage photos for our engagement photos. We managed to find a suit for me from a consignment store for real cheap. It actually looks pretty good considering its in perfect condition and a brooks brothers suit. Hopefully, the photographer knows how to make it look like I am standing on two feet. the photo shoot is on 4/3.

While I was getting my disability placard from the DMV, they told me that DC does not recognize outside temporary disabled signs from other states. Great. I live in Maryland and I am minutes away from downtown dc and work in the area. These guys are crooks

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  1. I don’t know how common this is, but Toronto lets cars with disability permits park in many No Parking areas. There’s a long complicated list — no hydrants or crosswalks or blocking driveways or Snow Zones or No-Stopping Tow-Away Zones or such, just “ordinary” No Parking Zones. I’ve found that it often means that The World has been saving me a convenient spot!

    I was worried (and hoping) that I’d be conflicted about using it while it’s still valid (’til end of April) but I’m mostly recovered and not really disabled. As luck would have it, that problem has largely been solving itself because I’ve started bicycling to most of the places (like Physio!) where I used to drive! This is an enviable “problem” — my fave kind to have!

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