Left stiff in the morning

Hello everyone!

Long time no write! Well my achilles and I are doing fine now. Just got back from my honeymoon and i had a great time at my wedding. My leg held up well while I was cutting a rug at my reception. Lol. Question: Does anyone elses achilles feel real stiff first thing in the morning? When i get up i do stretching and leg lifts to get it feeling normal before I hop in the shower. Thoughts?

My leg is always sore.

Sigh. My leg is always sore when i move. Is this typical? Will the soreness go away? Its sore when i walk, jog, stretch, or stand. I’m still able to do all of my exercises and I don’t walk with a limp. My Achilles is just always sore.

I’m Able to do more things now…

Well I’m able to do a several calf raises and hold them. I can do a little jump standing on one foot. Technically I’m cleared to start running by my doctor. My PT said that’s probably what we are going to be doing next and she told me to cut back on seeing her to once a week. I’m wondering if i should go ahead and try to jog a little bit on the treadmill today…

I did my first calf raise today!!!!

Yep. After much trial and tribulation I finally manage do a calf raise on my repaired foot alone. Yeah, I’m the man.

After 3 Sessions of PT…

Well when i first went to PT, the therapist told me that I had a hugh lump of scar tissue. Great. I also found out that I already have excellent range of motion in my ankle. Its a little better than my good one. Whatever that may mean. Unfortunately, my leg is still sooo weak. All the exercises she has me doing is punishing. She also said since my scar tissued is so layered it will take a while for it to break up.

First Day With Two Shoes!!

Its been rough but I am glad that am finally walking. I start my PT sessions next week. I’m excited and can’t wait for the torture!

Will be wearing shoes next week!!

I go back to my doctor on Wednesday next week. He said if everything looks ok I can go to wearing shoes with lifts. I can’t wait! I’ve read on some blogs here that 9 weeks may be too soon to wear anything but an air cast. Is this true? I don’t want to be set up for failure.

First week back at work

I just finished my first week back at work and it sucked. I enjoyed being off more than I did sitting in my office. The walking boot is a pain but its far better than not walking at all. I don’t wear it at all home and just shift around on my foot instead. I can’t wait until im fully recovered.

First Few days out of the cast

I had my cast removed on Wednesday and boy it feels good! The cut where the operation happened doesn’t look that pretty yet I hope it heals ok and does not look to scarred. I have no muscle tone in my calf and its about half the size of the other. Its swollen a little bit and i hope the shape of my tendon turns out ok and looks like the other one eventually. I’m just happy that i get to walk albeit in a walking boot.

Got my suit for the engagement photos

Today I managed to do some errands. I picked up my suit from the cleaners and got my disability placards for driving. My fiance and I have decided (she decided) to do vintage photos for our engagement photos. We managed to find a suit for me from a consignment store for real cheap. It actually looks pretty good considering its in perfect condition and a brooks brothers suit. Hopefully, the photographer knows how to make it look like I am standing on two feet. the photo shoot is on 4/3.

While I was getting my disability placard from the DMV, they told me that DC does not recognize outside temporary disabled signs from other states. Great. I live in Maryland and I am minutes away from downtown dc and work in the area. These guys are crooks