Hi - an update to make you smile

It has been a while since I’ve been on this site and even longer since  I posted anything.  It’s good to re-read my blog to remind myself where I was with my injury and how far I’ve come in the 26 months since.  As an update I had a full rupture of the right achilles [...]

One Year On

Hi.  It’s my one year anniversary so thought I’d drop everyone a quick note.  Doing most things I did before the injury, although still nervous kicking a ball around. I have really ramped up the running these past couple of months and 5 miles not a problem for the leg (it’s only a problem for [...]

Back on the Mountain Bike

I haven’t posted for a while so my apologies.  I’m now at 43 weeks and life seems 95% normal.  The other 5% is the mental scar of not wanting to re-rupture which still remains in the back of my mind.  To recap I opted for the non-operative method of recovery.  Conservative no, as I was [...]

Mud, Sweat & Tears

Happy New Year to all on the Blog.  2012 will be a great year for all of us as we will be further down the line to full recovery.  Yesterday I decided to get my mountain bike out for a spin.  Now before some of you question where the mountains are in Warwickshire, it’s pretty [...]

It’s Been Awhile!

Hi to all fellow ATRs.  It’s been awhile since I last posted - nearly seven weeks.  A lot has happened and all to the good.  In short, I’ve been working progressively harder in the gym cycling away on the static bike increasing the resistance week by week.  My confidence in my Achilles has grown to [...]

The Weeks Fly By

Hi all.
The weeks seem to be flying by just recently.  It is a good 3 weeks since I last posted and just over 15 weeks since the dreaded day.  Looking back to those early days every hour seemed to be a drag, yet now weeks roll by so quickly.  The difference is getting back to [...]

On your bike!

Hi Fellow Sufferers,
Saw my consultant again today - 12 weeks since I started treatment - and I have a green light to begin some exercise!!  I’m sure all those that suffer an ATR watch as their weight slowly increases, clothes get tighter, and walking upstairs is the most ‘out of breath’ you get!  Well the [...]

Coventry or Madrid - no competition!

Hi fellow ATR sufferers.  A brief update from ’sunny’ England!  My work took me out to a Conference in Madrid last week - it was certainly no holiday for lots of reasons.  It has been only 2 weeks since going in 2 shoes and I was wary of the flights to Madrid. Yes flights!  My [...]

2 Shoes, Day 1, Feeling Sore

A brief update on my first day minus boot and in 2 shoes.  I’ve been back driving today a couple of short journeys.  Walking slower than when I was in the boot.  It’s a confidence thing I’m sure, plus I’m wary about treading on anything that could challenge the strength of my healing achilles. I’ve [...]

It’s strange but nice!

8 week appointment this morning post ATR recovery stage.  This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen a PT - the last 1 month ago.  Very impressed with the PT this morning backed my confidence in her knowledge as she is just completing a PHd just on the achilles injury.  So I feel I’m in [...]