One Year On

Hi.  It’s my one year anniversary so thought I’d drop everyone a quick note.  Doing most things I did before the injury, although still nervous kicking a ball around. I have really ramped up the running these past couple of months and 5 miles not a problem for the leg (it’s only a problem for my lungs!) with no after effects.  My ankle still swells slightly after returning from long-distance flights through business trips but aside from that everything is good.

I’m still amazed how the body heals itself. When the injury first occurred I did not believe the doctor who advised everything will heal fine without surgery.  The severity of the injury made me question his sanity.  Well 12 months on I’ve had a reasonably trouble-free ride and the doc was spot on.  I’ll repeat my previous posts; if non-surgery is an option for you then take it.  Non-surgery plus sticking to the recovery protocol will give you a solid repair job and less complications than surgery.

To all those going through the turmoil of this injury, keep smiling as things will get better and your life will get back on track.  Exercise (walk) in the boot, do your heal lifts (I didn’t do enough!) and don’t overdo it once you’re in 2 shoes.  Patience remains the key word.  Thanks for all the advice on this site - it has been invaluable.

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  1. Hope for all of us in the early stages, Congratulations on getting back. Its great to hear you back to running 5 miles, i cant wait to get back on the treadmill, but more importantly cant wait to get back on the football / soccer pitch. only 5 weeks in and missing it soooo much

    Congratulations to you, hope you go from strength to strength

  2. BSX,
    It amazes the professionals too that you can go non-op with this injury. My primary care doctor told me that I needed surgery to fix it. Fortunately my orthopedic surgeon was a bit more versed in the options. I had a new therapist this week substituting for my regular one, that was amazed I could go non-surgical. She said they were always told in their training that an ATR requires surgery.

  3. Thank you so much for coming back to “celebrate” the one year with us!
    It is comforting and reassuring to hear you are healthy, doing well, and even running.
    All too often people hang on the board for a couple of months, then disappear, leaving us to wonder how they are progressing.
    I’m with starshep on the non op…Of five Orthopedic docs I interviewed at the time of my injury, four said surgery was the only way out of an ATR. Only one suggested non-op, and his protocol was old fashioned. I ended up getting surgery, but won’t do that when my other tendon goes.

  4. Nice work Neville! All of us injured soccer/football players are wishing we were at your stage of the recovery!

    Couldn’t tell from your post, but are you back playing indoor soccer?

    When were you able to start working on the explosive moves that are required?

    What is it about the heel lifts you did (or didn’t do) that hindered your recovery?

    Oh, and good luck on Sunday against Italy :)

  5. That’s great to hear that you have recovered well without surgery. I had surgery 2 weeks ago and am now in a boot. Ruptured mine playing indoor 5-a-side football.

    Fingers crossed for Sunday against Italy!

  6. Thanks for reminding us of how well you’re doing, Neville, and Don’t Stop!

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