It’s Been Awhile!

Hi to all fellow ATRs.  It’s been awhile since I last posted - nearly seven weeks.  A lot has happened and all to the good.  In short, I’ve been working progressively harder in the gym cycling away on the static bike increasing the resistance week by week.  My confidence in my Achilles has grown to the point 10 days ago that I decided it was time to get my bike out and cycle into work.  It’s a 8 mile round trip with a few testing hills along the way. The first day I did this I had a big grin on my face when I got back home.  Simple things like riding my bike seemed a million miles away in June when my Achilles ruptured.  I rode into work for 3 successive days then gave myself 2 days off.  I’m going to build this routine up to the full 5 days of biking over the next few weeks.

I’ve also taken in a 2 week business trip to the States & Canada involving numerous flights.  My flight socks were my best friend.  Note to self: must get another pair as the pair I have are being over-worked!  I did get some swelling in the calf but it soon returned to normal between each section of travel.  I also drive for hours some days during the trip.  No problems at all.  Happy days.

I saw my consultant on Monday and the end result - discharged!  Yippee! I am still being seen by the physio and until I can get those darned heel lifts sorted I’m sure it’s going to take a little while yet.  But life is starting to return to normal.  I find myself fast walking down sets of stairs before my brain engages and says ‘hold on not so fast, I’m recovering from an ATR’.  The only thing I haven’t really considered yet is going out running again and the main reason is the key word on this Achillesblog site - Patience!  I checked my Marathon map the other day and I’m miles from the finish still.  So I’ve decided to wait, keep strengthening my leg, and build up to a future day of running and getting out on the trails on my mountain bike.  Perhaps after Xmas.

So there we have it in a nutshell. Things do turn around.  I was a non-surgical sceptic wondering how I’d ever get to the front door quick enough in my AirCast boot to greet whoever was there before they decided no one was at home!  All those difficult things like showering, dressing, getting up and down stairs, not driving, lack of exercise, the uncertainty of recovery, all seem a distance memory.  I’m 21 weeks since that dreaded day.  There is still some way to go and patience is still key to recovery.  But the way I’m viewing things now I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the non-surgical route, to get in the AirCast boot within days, then be aggressive on your feet once FWB and walk everywhere.  I’m sure the exercise helps the repair process and speeds recovery.

Happy healing.

2 Responses to “It’s Been Awhile!”

  1. I am 8 weeks post op, and a long way from recovery but reading this post is like letting the sunshine brighten up my dark days. Every so often I loose hope and I dwell on the difficulties I have endured since that dreadful day. So THANK YOU for posting this!
    I am a frequent flyer, and I have a business trip coming up in February. I will go against my doctor’s orders as I can’t affort compromising my position.
    Can you provide the name of those helpful socks?

  2. Great to hear a happy story, Neville — and I doubly love the non-op happy stories. (Trouble is, I never remember who all the happy patients are, when somebody asks me for examples!)

    Keep progressing! I’m finally having a blast back at volleyball — 2.5 hours of mostly 4-on-4 indoor beach this past Saturday night, YAY!!

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