The Weeks Fly By

Hi all.

The weeks seem to be flying by just recently.  It is a good 3 weeks since I last posted and just over 15 weeks since the dreaded day.  Looking back to those early days every hour seemed to be a drag, yet now weeks roll by so quickly.  The difference is getting back to something resembling normality, although there are many things I still cannot/won’t/too scared to do.  But, I’m certainly noticig a difference in the strength of my leg.

I have seen my PT a couple of times these past 2 weeks and he put me on a couple of machines to test how much weight I put on my weaker ride side, plus the strength exerted by both legs.  Over the course of a week there has been a significant difference.  I’m still not too hot on the heel raises, but I put that down to lack of confidence still.  I can manage 2-legged heel raises no problem. When he asked me to try a single heel raise I just stood there like a ‘turkey’ wanting to lift my weight on my bad leg.  There was barely a twitch.  More strengthening work needed me thinks!

In the gym I have been building up on the static bike and graduating slowly over a number of days it is now a breeze to cycle for 45 minutes on Level 8.  Last weekend was a beautiful Autumn day in England (the hottest October day on record (29 degrees! - for England! - no I’m not lying).  I decided time for a bike ride.  Out came the mountain bike, sorted the saddle height to not put too much strain on my AT, donned some kit, put the bike in 3rd gear and gently peddled round the rounds in my district.  I rode so slow pedestrians were starting to pass my on the footpaths.  But the main thing I was out on my bike in the hot sunshine, and my good and bad legs were working as one.  I did start getting a pain as the ride progressed, but no fear it wasn’t from the AT but from the ‘happy tomatoes’ - I’d forgotten to wear some cycling shorts!  Damn that saddle was hard!

I guess the message to all those in the early stages is to keep smiling, things will get better.  I was non-surgical, and things take a time to heal.  One of the biggest scars remains between the ears.  Patience remains the priority. I don’t want to push things too much.  My calf and AT still swell up after exercise so ice and elevation become the norm. I’m still a mile away from jogging, mountain biking, in fact most activities that involve risk to the legs.  Although the limp when I walk is sometimes there, I can say without doubt my AT is healing.  So it’s more of the same - long walks, static bike sessions, those damn heal raises, and let’s see what the next few months bring. Keep smiling!

3 Responses to “The Weeks Fly By”

  1. All sounds good Neville. Know what you mean with them heel raises and I’m sure half the problem is lack of calf strength and the other half is your brain saying “are you bloody mad!!!”.

    Keep up the good work and no doubt the rest like jogging will be along sooner than you realise

  2. Hey bcurr thanks for the support. I need to focus more on my weak calf and do the exercises set by my PT. I take too many days off in what I’m set to do to gain that strength. Jogging? I used to go every day. Now I’m not sure when the next day will be. When it comes round it will be in big bold letters on my BLOG. Good luck with your recovery too.

  3. Know what you mean about them “days off”. Its far too easy to get lax with the exercises. If you have trouble doing a set regime, follow my physios advice. Stand on your toes whenever possible ie. when chatting with people. You can do that a fair few times a day and it will keep working that calf. Still, would be better for us both to do a litle more !

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