On your bike!

Hi Fellow Sufferers,

Saw my consultant again today - 12 weeks since I started treatment - and I have a green light to begin some exercise!!  I’m sure all those that suffer an ATR watch as their weight slowly increases, clothes get tighter, and walking upstairs is the most ‘out of breath’ you get!  Well the road to recovery has now got some street lamps on because my consultant told me my AT is healing fine, my calf is no longer swollen and not a lot smaller than my good one.  The words ‘try some heal raises’ sent a bit of a chill down me.  I’d not attempted one yet, now I was being told to heel raise right there in the consulting room.  Five good ones later, no discomfort = big smile.

The magic words from this morning were ‘get on your bike’.  Static bike that is and no resistance yet.  Yippee!  I’m going to get on it tonight - easy does it but at least the wheels will start turning again.  Today the static bike, tomorrow the world!  So, the next few weeks are set.  Walking the dogs over the fields, lots of gently static biking, loads of swimming (must find my armbands!), and a few heel raises.  I see my PT on Thursday and that’s exciting too.  After nearly 3 months of inactivity I can now start a bit of activity.  Key word remains - PATIENCE!  Where’s my gym pass?

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  1. I admire your dedication, sounds like the end is in sight for you, best of luck.

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