It’s strange but nice!

8 week appointment this morning post ATR recovery stage.  This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen a PT - the last 1 month ago.  Very impressed with the PT this morning backed my confidence in her knowledge as she is just completing a PHd just on the achilles injury.  So I feel I’m in safe hands. Anyway, she did a Thompson test and the there is clear movement between calf & achilles and the healing process is going well.  My Aircast boot has been discarded and I’m in 2 shoes with no wedge insert - yippee!!  I was given 1 crutch and advised to use it as a precaution for the next week.

She advised that the period between 8 and 12 weeks should be progressed with care.  Stationery bike, light swimming, walking on the flat all good.  Likely the calf will swell from time to time which is normal with the increased movement.  My first steps in 2 months without the boot was strange to say the least.  I felt like I was walking downhill after a couple of beers!  I guess it will take a little time to get used to walking again on 2 even height shoes.  The boot does through your balance and gait off kilter.  So the plan is to start gently cycling on the stationery bike and get in the pool.  The key word remains - patience!  It’s just nice that the non-surgical healing process is progressing as planned.  Two months on from my ATR I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the same protocol.

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