2 Shoes, Day 1, Feeling Sore

A brief update on my first day minus boot and in 2 shoes.  I’ve been back driving today a couple of short journeys.  Walking slower than when I was in the boot.  It’s a confidence thing I’m sure, plus I’m wary about treading on anything that could challenge the strength of my healing achilles. I’ve [...]

It’s strange but nice!

8 week appointment this morning post ATR recovery stage.  This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen a PT - the last 1 month ago.  Very impressed with the PT this morning backed my confidence in her knowledge as she is just completing a PHd just on the achilles injury.  So I feel I’m in [...]

Uncertain at 8 Weeks

My next hospital appointment is on Monday and it will be 8 weeks to the day since I started the recovery process.  I was advised and convinced by my consultant that the non-surgery route to full recovery was the best choice.  So far I haven’t regretted that decision as I have followed the protocol ‘by [...]

Blog up and running!

I’ve finally got round to sorting out my blog, some 7 weeks after ATR.  I’ve commented a few times on other posts but I hope this helps others out there in the ATR world.
My injury in brief: I offered to play for my University Department’s 5-a-side soccer team in an inter-departmental soccer game.  I’d played [...]

Hello world!

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