2 weeks post-op

Ahh, 2 weeks post-op. I had my two week checkup yesterday. The doc said everything looked good. They removed my splint and stitches and put me in a cast. I’ll have it on for four weeks.

The cast is actually more comfortable because it’s less bulky that the splint was. It’s more rigid than the splint (obviously) so it’s a little less stressful moving around.

Keeping my leg elevated and iced isn’t mandatory any more - it’s based on my comfort level.

Here’s a few pics from yesterday:

No infection!

Now that’s just weird lookin!

Should have went with the camo.

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  1. Chandra on May 20th, 2009

    Wow, I can’t believe you are already wearing a cast (I’m guessing it didn’t go as fast for you - sorry). But, the good news is you have moved forward one more step towards recovery. I’m digging the blue cast - it’s your color :). Hope you are still keeping up the spirits. Keely is giving nothing but wonderful reports on you!!

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