Chopping down trees

It’s day four post-op and no … Bri isn’t chopping down trees. However, we did have two bona-fide mountain men come down from Neder-Nederland to do the job for us.

We’ve had these three dead Aspens in our yard since we moved in. We have tried unsuccessfully to revive them. So this summer we were definitely, absolutely, without-a-doubt going to cut them down. My hopes of that happening were kind of dashed about a week ago. Oh well I figured, there’s beauty in dead, rotting trees.

Then around noon today Sam and Justin unexpectedly showed up and they brought Knute (tied for best dog ever) and a chainsaw. I didn’t know they were coming, but the company was very nice indeed. They managed to keep Bri entertained and busy for a few hours and they did me a HUGE favor. The most remarkable thing was that they finished the job in about 20 minutes. No joking, I went outside to tell them to be careful and all three trees were lying in the yard. Less than 15 minutes later the trees were chopped up and loaded into the back of Sam’s truck. They even raked up all the fallen branches and debris for me. I was impressed and now my backyard looks much different. It’s kind of weird not having the dead trees. Thank you very much Sam and Justin, it was greatly appreciated!

It’s day four and Bri is still being a TROOPER. Sam and Justin remarked that he was “in a pretty good mood for a guy in his condition”. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. Bri’s ability to just go with the flow has made things really, really bearable. Today was the first day his Doc. said it would be okay to move around a bit. So we moved him outside (along with phone, footrest, ice-pack, water, sunglasses, sunscreen, Kindle, and meds) onto the upper deck. He was able to spend a solid hour in the fresh air and managed to get a bit of sunshine. In the meantime I changed the linens, washed the blankets and freshened up his room. He then got to hang with some guys (he’s probably so sick of me) and watch a gory movie. Overall, I think it may rate as a pretty good day.

Pain-wise Bri seems to be having a really good day. Only Ibuprofen! He wants to thank Pity for the card and the junk-food he splurged on tonight. Turns out he did read your card…and he still has a crush on wonder-woman!

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  1. Chandra on May 11th, 2009

    I wish I had some mountain men to help us in MO. Glad to hear Brian is doing so well but I’m not at all surprised. Way to go Brian! Hope you are feeling even better today and have a great week of recovery. Don’t let ya Keel make you eat too healthy. I have been wanting to mail you starburst but it’s not going to happen. Please buy him some Keel! Have a good night :)

  2. Justin on May 12th, 2009

    hey i tried this once, dont know if it worked? it was good to see you guys, and brian if you get real bored, check out it will give you something to do while your resting.

  3. bst1 on May 19th, 2009

    Nice videos Justin! Watching Sam “ride” down that hill reminds me of trying to keep up with you guys at A-Basin!

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