On the 7th day they slept..

It’s been exactly one week since the accident and to celebrate Bri and I slept. It’s been amazing, we hung out together all day, just lying around. I did get out of bed for a few hours and I tried to start my day, but it didn’t work. I had coffee, then slept, went to the store, slept, had ice-cream, slept…. jealous? I can’t remember the last time Bri and I spent a day in such a way. One of the positive aspects of this surgery is that Bri has been forced to SLOW down. He is always working, working, working, working, now there’s a new silence to our home and it’s very peaceful.

Bri has been a champ, little to no complaining. He patiently reminds me when he needs refills (water, coffee, meds) and he’s been following doctors orders to a T! He eats whatever I bring him and doesn’t complain about the lack of junk-food and grease. He’s been eating rather healthy (with the exception of the much deserved blizzard) b/c I assume it will only help the healing. He get’s a nightly smoothie (blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, banana, orange, flaxseed, and spinach) and this helps his stomach with the painkillers he takes for sleeping. Breakfast has been toast with peanut butter and sliced apples. This fills him up for the most of the day, but he did eat a piece of lasagna tonight. His appetite is still a bit smaller than normal, but that’s not surprising.

The surgeon did come speak to me after the surgery. He said the surgery went well, but the tendon had separated about 4cm prior to the surgery. I couldn’t gauge wether he was trying to tell me this was abnormal. When I inquired, he said that the calf muscle had contracted a lot and pulled the tendon with it. I’m going to try and get the operational report from the surgery. Surgery day (as many of you know) was exhausting!!! It was like constant adrenalin rush from 9am to 6pm when I finally got Bri home. He was in pretty poor shape after the surgery but slowly recovered. When I first saw him, I realized why they don’t let people see their loved ones immediately (Bri was in a recovery room for an hour before I could visit) he looked exhausted.

Well that’s it for today. Things (from my perspective) couldn’t be going any better. I feel fortunate to be able to spend time taking care of Bri. He’s been slowing easing back into work a bit. We’ve laughed a lot and will continue to do so. Best of luck to anyone reading this blog who’s going through this.


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