2 Days Post-Op

The post-op experience has been fairly normal so far compared to other accounts. I felt really crummy after coming to at the hospital and then the rest of that night. My blood pressure was pretty low for a while but started to improve after some extra hydration and saltines. And finally they let me go.

I didn’t know about the option until talking to anesthesiologist, but I ended up getting a nerve block. (I think it was either a sciatic or saphenous nerve block, but I can’t remember for sure now.) Basically a local anesthetic is injected near the nerve center for the lower leg. I couldn’t feel anything below my knee from the time of injection until 5am Wed. morning. The nerve block is mainly for patient comfort, but they also know that it improves blood flow which should, in theory, help recovery. That fact also made me feel like less of a pansy for getting the block 

I had a bit of a sore throat from the intubation, but not too bad.

I currently have the burning / fire ants sensation in my ankle area that others talk about. It isn’t the most horrible pain ever, but certainly makes it tough to get comfortable. (Anyone who has worn a pair of too-small snowboarding boots and had the joy of letting all the blood rush back into their feet at lunchtime can relate to the “fire ants” feeling.) I finally had to pop a second Percocet last night so that I could fall into a nice sleep.

Other than the burning and my appetite being a little finicky, I feel pretty much like I did pre-op. I can get up to pee, but that’s about all I let myself do. I really don’t want to risk a fall while only in a splint.

Keel just brought be a Blizzard. How awesome is that? (Thankfully my appetite isn’t THAT finicky!) Aside from the ice cream and a couple of other snacks, she’s been really concerned about my diet and has been doing a great job at getting me to eat the things I should be eating. Like making fruit smoothies and sneaking a serving of veggies in there.

Gotta go before this thing melts.

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  1. Chandra on May 11th, 2009

    You can’t go wrong with a smoothie! And you picked the right flavor. Oreo’s ROCK! Yum, yum.

  2. Chandra on May 11th, 2009

    Shit. I meant a blizzard.

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