Checked In…..

Hello everyone, we’re in the pre-op waiting room right now. Bri is dressed in his surgery finest, a modest nightie and slip-proof socks, both hospital “freebies”. He also received a IV which is currently hydrating his vascular system. He is reading the Kindle (The Lords of Discipline) and very calm and ready to go. Surgery is in 1.5 hrs. We’re waiting to meet with the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Both we’ve been told repeatedly are excellent. The nurse told Bri he choose the best doctor, “he’s who I’d choose for a family member”, she quipped. I couldn’t be more happy thus far, everyone has been prompt and kind. I am stoked b/c the hospital has wireless. That means I’ll be watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia until Bri’s done. We’ll meet up again in Post-Surgery Phase II. He gets to recover and come to his whits without me, but with the help of the nurses.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Bri’s said he’s glad people aren’t walking around the hospital in sombreros. I’ve heard maragaritas mentioned about five times since I’ve been in the hospital.


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  1. Doug on May 5th, 2009


  2. Chandra on May 5th, 2009

    Hope everything is going okay. Karen gave me an update but I’ll probably call you in a little bit.


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