Just a quick one to chronicle the event… yeah, 5 days later…


I wasn’t sure what exactly to expect at the ER.  Surprisingly, everything went fairly quick.  I was admitted and seeing a med tech within 15 minutes or so.  The waiting room wasn’t full of deathly ill people like I was afraid of.  Even so, Keel (i.e. The Warden) would about flip every time I touched something.  Thank God we found some alcohol swaps to protect ourselves through the ordeal.

I explained what happened to a nurse-in-training, got x-rayed and then saw the doctor.  The doctor performed the Thompson test ( and made the ATR diagnosis.  My leg was splinted below the knee, I got some crutches, signed some papers and we were on our way.

The only thing that really concerned me at the ER was the order of events.  Everyone pretty much knew what my diagnosis was before ever seeing the doctor, but yet I was x-rayed before seeing the doctor.  This didn’t bother me at the time, but did later for a couple of reasons.  First, it took the doc about 60 seconds (of which 50 of those were me embarrassingly trying to flop around onto my stomach on a two foot wide table using only one leg) to perform the Thompson test.  Which, to me, means that had I saw the doctor before being x-rayed, I wouldn’t have needed the x-rays - which leads me to my second concern.  I was told they can’t even see the tendon in the xray and it was done to check for broken bones in the ankle/foot area.  Again, seeing the doctor first would have obviated the need for the xray.  This seems like such a waste.  Needless irradiation aside, think about all the resources that were wasted that did nothing more than tax the healthcare system.

On a brighter note, the funniest part of the trip was the lady working reception at the ER.  When I hobbled through the doors and up to the counter, she asked what the problem was, to which I replied “I think I ruptured my achilles tendon.”  She gave me a crappy look and said, “I’m no doctor - I don’t know what the achilles is.  You’re gonna have to give me a bit more detail.”  I wanted to say, “That’s as detailed as it gets, just write it on the damn form” but I obliged and explained.

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  1. doug53 on May 4th, 2009

    Hi Brian,

    It isn’t very common, but bones can be broken along with Achilles tendon ruptures. The x-ray is a simple test to find something uncommon, but important to know about before surgery if it is there.

    Best wishes,


  2. Chandra on May 5th, 2009

    Way to find humor in a trip to the ER. Loved the ending of this post. I’m guessing you are passed out right now (post surgery). Wishing you a speedy recovery Bri-bri (I couldn’t resist). HUGS,

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