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Week #4, Cast off and intro of “The BOOT”

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4 weeks after surgery

4 weeks after surgery

After 4 weeks of the cast of my the Achilles tendon rupture, my doctor gave me a black,  adjustable boot with metal side rods and Velcro straps to fit tight to my leg.  Since this boot immobilizes the foot and ankle, it prevents any pressure or strain on the fixed tendon and the surrounding muscles, and allows you to walk safely.

I was very happy to get the boot on and start my way back to a normal lifestyle. My doctor  thinks about 2-3 days I may be able to walk without crutches. But he did say I would need 3 months of physical therapy 3 times a week.It’s definitely a long road to recovery.
I’m a fairly active person as I’ve been doing a lot of  distance running(5-K) over the last couple years and basketball my entire life. It’s been hard to be sedentary the last 4.5 weeks, but I want to make sure everything heals well and strong so that I can return to my normal activity level. I’m hopeful to be running again by the end of summer, but I think I’ll avoid my basketball until next year. Golf seems to be in my near furture once again.
Cast being removed.

Cast being removed.


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