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How it all started…

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Basketball did me in...

Basketball did me in...

It was April 19, 2009 and I was playing basketball in a pick-up game. I had the ball on offense and went to make a quick move to the hole. As I was quick move toward the hoop I suddenly felt a sharp pain behind my left ankle, like if somebody had hit me really hard with a baseball bat. I heard a LOUD pop and I fell down and looked around, but didn’t see anybody close to me. I tried to stand up I couldn’t. I knew exactly what had happened. The same thing that occured 9 years earlier on my right side. Yep,

I got some help from a couple of the guys in the pick-up game to my jeep and drove to the local hospital the best I could.

I was taken to into an exam room where they ran some test, agreed with my diagnosis of the rupture, gave me some pain killers and, sent me home with a recommendation to see a specialist the next day. Early Tuesday, I went to see the orthopedist.



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