Weeks four(ish) through now

Truth be told I’ve been too busy driving, walking, screwing around in two shoes to keep up a solid blog about this “experience”. I’ll attempt to catch things up and provide a timeline for the experience. I probably won’t blog again until I run a mile or something else momentous happens.

  1. Rupture on 09/06/18 playing basketball
  2. Saw orthopedic surgeon about a week later, lets call it 09/13/18
  3. After MRI determined to go non-op and got booted up on roughly 09/15/18…treatment begins
  4. Got super depressed, read blogs, watched videos, researched white papers ad nauseum. The first month SUCKS…there is no getting around it.
  5. Mom came to visit twice for about a week each time. Cooked, cleaned, shopped, kept me comfortable, forced me to study and stay in school, let me have ice cream every night (MVP), and whooped my but in cards over and over again. Kept me grounded.
  6. Started driving with my left foot in early October. Don’t do this…it isn’t safe…but if you’re going to do it anyways, move your seat back and tuck your boot bend the left foot. Stay off the highway and don’t go faster than 30-40 miles an hour. I personally was great at stopping but couldn’t control my acceleration very well.
  7. Began PT (while on crutches) in mid-October. Simple exercises like curling toes, plantar flexing, etc. No dorsiflexion.
  8. Took my first steps in the boot on 10/26/18. Had been working up to full WB following two weeks of NWB. This is where things became normal again. I was very slow at first, but having my hands back did wonders.
  9. Things were kind of a blur once I started walking in the booth. In early November I got my resistance bands from PT and hit about 30 minutes of PT work twice a day. By Thanksgiving I was able to take my boot off at home and limp around.
  10. I drove to St. Louis (3 hours) for Thanksgiving with the boot off. Mainly used cruise control, but had to use my bad foot in the city. Success.
  11. Stopped wearing the boot all together in late November
  12. Over Christmas break I did a lot of treadmill and elliptical work in concert with my other exercises (100 calf raises a day, quad, hamstring, and glute work)
  13. As of today I can walk without a limp for about a mile. I can do two miles at a 17 minute/mile pace, but get a bit of a limp towards the end. Can do a single calf raise on the bad foot…but only about a half inch off of the ground. I even got to do some two footed jumps at PT today. Should be jogging in a month

Overall in terms of my non-op experience, I won’t call it a success until I’m back to running 5-6 miles at a time. However, I wouldn’t be doing that with surgery at this point either. My tendon feels strong at this point, however there is a definite deficit in my calf strength. This is to be expected. If you’re considering non-op, there are definite pros and cons, but you can read about that on your own time. As far as my story goes, the non-op has worked thus far. I followed a protocol similar to the “Twin Cities” protocol, got on PT and mobilization early, and am very happy with my current results.

If you have recently ruptured and are looking for advice or someone to commiserate with, please reach out. I don’t have the time to keep a blog up or respond to comments, but I’ve made an email to specifically for achilles questions. If you have questions, please reach me at: bruiser191985@gmail.com

Until I run a mile, best of luck and thanks to Dan, cserpent, etc. for being there when I was new to the rupture game

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  1. Glad you’re doing well Bruiser! Keep up the good work!

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