Eccentric heel drops post-op

Does anyone know if or when it is a safe time to perform eccentric heel drops post op? I have been doing them at around 27 weeks post op, but do not know if it is ok to do them at this time.

32wks post op: Playing Basketball leading to small problems

I began playing my first game of full court basketball at 28wks post op. Once I hit the court EVERYONE told me to take it easy since it was the first time i had played in 7 months! It went well, but at week 31 I played again and maybe pushed too hard.

I now have a little pain and a small bump on the back of my achilles just below the surgery incision. Is it possible that my calf strength is not strong enough to play basketball and I was putting stress on the tendon? I am taking it easy this week by just resting, icing and heating my foot.

My achilles felt so good until this moment. I hope someone can give me some advice. I am planning to see a PT, before I play again so I don’t do any possible further damage.

Calf Strength & Size

I am currently coming up on 32wks post op. I was wondering if anyone has a timeline of when their calf strength fully returned or when their calf size returned back to pre injury form?

Week 17 post op and feeling lost

Hello I am currently experiencing pain on the medial and lateral sides a little above my heel. I am guessing I over did it a bit doing my own rehab during week 15.

I was told by a PT to use an elliptical machine at a steady pace for about 10 mins. Instead I did 22mins bcuz I felt good and thought I could do more. After I got off the machine I felt fine so I did some balance exercises on the Bosu ball. I felt good so I tried it. Then the next day I unfortunately did a lot of walking. The city I live in requires walking to get around and I needed to get stuff done. I had swelling for the next few days and then the swelling went away.

The next week I used my crutches again and completely rested my foot. Now it’s week 17 and my foot felt better. I can do calf raises exercises with no pain, but I think when I do rotational work like or Bosu ball stuff a slight pain comes back.

I am really sorry if this information is too long and maybe difficult to understand. I just want to get healthy again and I am actually going through the rehab process alone. I hope someone can give me solid advice. :)

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