3 weeks since my surgery…had my cast replaced yesterday..

Yesterday I went into the hospital and had my cast replaced with a walking cast.  This new cast is so nice…I can actually walk on it.  Looks like I’ll have this new one on for 2 months.  Funny…the surgeon told me to try to stay off of my feet for three or four days.  As luck would have it…my wife and I ran into him today while we were shopping at the grocery store. I was carrying my one crutch in the cart.  When I saw him I immediately grabbed the crutch and pretended to be using it!  He laughed and took the crutch and pretended to throw it away.  He said…if it’s not hurting you to walk on it…then no problem..at least that’s what I think he said since it was all in Spanish…but I got the point.  While medical care is super cheap…I was charged about $5 for the cast replacement…you need a little patience down here…after all…it IS Latin America!  My appointment was at 2 but he couldn’t see me until about 5 due to the fact he was busy with some surgeries.  I took some pictures of my incision, him sawing the cast off, and putting the new one on.  He seemed pleased about my attention…I told him today that he was a mini-celebrity with my family in the United States as I had sent the pictures via email earlier today.  I WONDER if a U.S. physician would have been as unfazed as he was with my picture taking activity.  He/she could have been worried about some kind of legal liability that this would incur!

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  1. Sounds like the Dr is both caring and a good sport. Glad that you’re able to get out and about at a fairly early stage. & that your wife also is hanging in there! We sometimes don’t give enough credit to our support group — or at least I feel I don’t.

    Plenty of delays in treatment and rescheduled appointments here in the USA as well. It seems all things considered, your “Latin American” treatment is working out very well.

    All best.

  2. Hello! Thanks a lot for taking the time and energy to post your comment about my surgery. The doctor indeed is a good guy and a great sport! Please refer to my new post that I’ll be making right after shooting this to you! Again…many thanks! best wishes, Bill

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