11 weeks - Inching forward.

May 16, 2015 at 11:33 pm | In Uncategorized |

Just a couple things to note at 11weeks post op…

  • PT amping up meaningfully - shift from ROM and light cycling to deadlifts, kettleball squats, etc whole new ballgame. Coupled with the mysterious disappearance of my normal therapist and subsequent switch to new one, this has been an adjustment. Handling it all well, I feel, but it’s a new ballgame.
  • Strictly 2 shoes with heel pads at this point. Enjoy briefs spells of normalcy in stride and gait. Then the hitch comes as I fatigue or try something new. Big win was descending stairs like a grown up. I try to tell people, I can do everything, just slowly.
  • Airports are a problem. Flew to SF from NYC return and the long walks and extended periods crammed in a plane were tough on me. Pretty extreme swelling around the ankle (lasted days and laughed at ice), though not much pain.
  • Swimming is ┬áback on the table. It’s tough, but has to be one of the best asymmetric ROM regimes for the injury. Highly recommended once your doc clears. Combination of breast and freestyle seems to balance the workout with the demands on the injury.
  • The surgery area still feels vaguely like its sunburned in places. Not active psi but tender to the touch. Is this common at this stage?
  • Have begun to do a little chipping and putting at the golf club. Slow and conservative only ┬ábut it’s nice to be directly progressing towards a goal. Wouldn’t even think of pressing recovery by playing at all this early. Doc still pointing towards 20 weeks as reasonable goal for 9 holes in a cart, stay out of bunkers, etc. I can live with that.
  • Week 12 visit with doc next week and we’ll see if paddle boarding and outside cycling are on the horizon!


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  1. Keep up the good work. As I have abruptly learned in my short time, 6 weeks post op, slow and steady is a must in this race.

    Comment by rtippett — May 16, 2015 #

  2. Hey Brombones, we’re at a similar stage and similar point of progress. Comment on your “sunburn” around the wound - I also have this spot in one area. It’s slightly redder and darker than the other areas, and resembles a slight rash. I put it down to the PT being overly aggressive on that area with the ultrasound device and his thumbnails. I’ll ask my OS if it’s normal when I seen him next week. Have you also had ultrasound, or been massaging that area?

    Comment by hongkongexpat — May 16, 2015 #

  3. We are basically at the same point injury time/ as well as rehab. My incision was a little slow to heal ( the last part of my scab just fell off) in one area so can’t really comment on the red/ sunburn comment, though my incision area is a little numb which I was told was somewhat normal. I too will be cleared for chipping and putting next week. I think 20 weeks seems reasonable for playing too, but I haven’t talked to PT about a date yet. What have you been doing to work on your gait. Also how about stairs? The most challenging thing for me is going down stairs leading with the good foot- so I have just been going down leading with bad foot for now.

    Comment by LindaF — May 17, 2015 #

  4. I haven’t been subjected to the ultrasound regime and limited massaging as yet. So can’t fall back on that rationale…

    With my gait, it’s really about slowing down and thinking about it actively. And, though this must sound odd, getting “low” when I walk. By that I mean actively engaging both quads in the stride and allowing the push off to happen. I think the hitch comes when I cheat it and try to get the step over with, even though there really is no pain to speak of.

    Never really thought about the stairs, but I’m a lefty and did in the left AT, so I think my normal stride is to lead left going down stairs. I do rely on the bannister to keep centered, but it came quickly once I took the plunge. Harder for me now has been to slow down going up stairs to ensure entire left foot is on the tread, rather than having some heel hang over the edge as normal. This requires some active effort to approach at an angle. Not life altering, but another nuance of this process.

    Comment by brombones — May 17, 2015 #

  5. Lol- I am lefty too and also ruptured the left side. I will give your gait thoughts a try and you did remind me about hanging the bad foot off the front of the stairs when descending so that does work much better. Maybe I will see you on the golf course some time. What is your handicap? I was around 20 before I got hurt- we will see what happens when we return. I historically had a big backswing, so wondering if the achilles will help to shorten it. It is my back foot as I play golf lefty too.

    Comment by LindaF — May 17, 2015 #

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