Two Shoes! Week 7…

April 16, 2015 at 10:01 pm | In Uncategorized |

Just back from vacation and took plunge to two shoes, consistent with my doc’s advice. Meandered around the house slowly mostly. No pain and some sensations, but handled it well.

but… Took sock off at end of night and my foot looked like an orange on a toothpick. It was the first real swelling I’ve observed during the whole recovery. Centered around my ankle, both sides were puffed out. Time for some RICE.

Im happy to be moving forward, but certainly realize that this whole process is far from linear.


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  1. LOL…love the description…glad it’s all worked out…RICE away…it’s all part of two shoes and being more active…welcome to the next phase…it has it’s own challenges but nothing like those first few months…keep looking forward…I see GOLF in your future! HA HA.

    Comment by donna — April 16, 2015 #

  2. This is exactly what’s happening to me. How long will this type of swelling stop?

    Comment by timothysy — April 18, 2015 #

  3. Swelling…ah the joys of swelling…NOT. For me personally I swelled pretty regularly from week 7/8 when I got into two shoes and was doing standing up PT…until about week 16, however it was never too severe and I RICE’d once a day and sometimes twice, always after the most active part of the day…at week 23 it’s very mild and irregular now, I haven’t iced for a week now.

    From the blogs I’d say as many things with this injury the extent of anything is really individual, but most seem to report the end of swelling between 4 - 6 months16 - 24 weeks. Hopefully Tim you’ll be on the mild an not long side of things.

    Comment by donna — April 18, 2015 #

  4. It’s been irregular for me, nothing a little ice and rest doesn’t deal with. To be fair, it’s not that painful. My heel pain has really abated 5 days into no heel wedges. Tim, is say take it as it comes and trust your team - if something is really off, they’ll react appropriately.

    Pt has added bridges with feet supported by a physio ball, which is really testing my stabilization and balance.

    Mobility and comfort has increased quickly, so light at end of tunnel for more normal activity levels. Athletics etc still over the horizon but that’s to be expected.

    Comment by brombones — April 19, 2015 #

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