6 week visit with OS

April 14, 2015 at 10:49 pm | In Uncategorized |

Uneventful session with OS -

progress made:

  • Inspected site and thankfully observed tendon strong and healing appropriately. ROM ahead of curve.
  • removed one wedge, said take last wedge out in 3 days (since done)
  • Noted some inflammation around one of the incision marks, this has flared up with excess walking and stresses.
  • Said keep boot for at least another week, then transition to sneakers indoors at least (7 week point).
  • Swimming ok, stationary cycling in boot. Basic message was use your head and listen to your body wrt intensity.
  • Maintain PT 2x/week.

I had to ask about golf - he indicated possible to hit balls as early as July (4 1/2 months or so), maybe 9 holes in a cart soon after. ALL contingent on progress, etc. Basically consistent with my expectations and a great thing to look forward to.

promptly have taken the family for April break down to Annapolis and now Philly. Lots of walking and shuffling around cobblestones and colonial houses etc. using my cane, but the heel is where it hurts. Nice swelling and rice needed a couple times a day. Rolling the heel on a tennis ball is very helpful with the pain. Keeping after the theraband work and leg lifts as well as can be expected.

back to doc at 12 week point, so an extended period of self reliance and judgement needed…hoping to maintain conservative approach and get through this. More to come.

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  1. Glad to hear everything is going well for you…until you get in two shoes in the next few weeks it’s pretty much same old same old….one of those periods of time that seem to drag by as you go through them but in hindsight, gosh it all happened so fast! Once in two shoes that is a whole new experience, and PT will change drastically after week 8…lots to look forward to…and YES, you will play golf again!

    Comment by donna — April 15, 2015 #

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